September 26, 2019

Beer Con One (#BC1)

Beer Con One (#BC1)

The Beer Farmers are running a virtual conference called Beer Con One (or #BC1 for short). This will include guests from all over the globe, from many different areas of the information security community and cover different time zones. This will be held as a 12 hour event with guests reflecting back on 2019 as well as the industry as a whole.

The event is being run with the support of The Many Hats Club and is being held on 7 December 2019 at 8pm (GMT) on their Discord platform. Further details about the event schedule will be published very soon.

As part of this event we are raising money for two charities our community holds close to its heart; the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) as well as Mental Health Hackers. All funds raised will go to both of these charities. A gofundme page has been created to raise the funds (we have a target of £10,000).

You find the page at Any donations would be greatly appreciated.