September 7, 2020

Beer Con Two (#BC2) - The Rise of the Rookies

The next Beer Farmers virtual event, Beer Con 2 - The Rise of the Rookies.

Beer Con Two (#BC2) - The Rise of the Rookies

This years Beer Con will be a bit different from last years event. Firstly it will no longer be 24 hours long. But most importantly this will be an event solely for rookie speakers. Numerous events have had to be cancelled during the year, and as a result many have not had the opportunity to speak at an event. We hope to help with this event, providing a platform for rookies to be able to deliver their talks.


  • Date: Friday 30 October 2020
  • Platform: Twitch (with recordings being made available)
  • Theme: Halloween 🎃

Please note that this event is only open to rookie speakers. Speakers however will be highly encouraged to work with a mentor for their talk.


Please send your submissions to [email protected].