Who Are We?


Mike is Beer Farmer Zero and in fact invented the name, although he still doesn't understand why. Just like all great rock bands though, the name becomes you over time and he prefers that the band is judged by the quality of its output.

Professionally, he's an enterprise cyber security leader with over 30 years of IT industry experience, and wherever possible, gets involved as much as he can in helping others to start and further their careers, and make friends.

He blogs, sometimes, and those meandering and sometimes whimsical artefacts can be found here:

Mike’s Information Security Blog

If you need to send Mike an email, use the following address:

[email protected]


Yah it's @Phat_Hobbit, peeps. IRL Ian Thornton-Trump CD (Stands for "Canada Decoration" not "Chief Dick"). Described by the Daily Mail as a "witty, urbane, sophisticated and philanthropic man-about-town".

He enjoys hobbies which include geopolitics, cyber threat intelligence, amateur dentistry, percussion and sound engineering. He pays homage to The Beer Farmers, Cyjax, CompTIA, Octopi Managed Services and Electronic Dance Music.

Ian has worked in security for the past 25 years in a variety of different capacities - some great! And some not so great. Canadian/Polish. Pirate not Ninja.

You can reach Ian via email here:

[email protected]


Lisa is the shortest member of the beer farmers. Professionally she helps companies prepare for cyber attacks and builds insider threat programs. She is often found in caves, exploring abandoned mines or climbing “sketchy” mountains. She has passionately lobbied the UN to ban pineapple on pizza and now insists on describing herself as an activist as a result.

You can hit Lisa up via email here:

[email protected]


Nikki is the black sheep of The Beer Farmers, as she works in sales, we all have our sins, and she repents daily by working tirelessly for the good of others in the industry and coming into the industry. Nikki is passionate about managed security solutions and helping MSP’s globally improve their security posture in turn securing their end users with sound confidence. Nikki makes sure she brings ethics to the forefront of Cyber Security selling.

Nikki runs various workshops in educational settings to not only encourage people into the industry but to also teach the younger generation what is acceptable behaviour online, as well as how to protect their own privacy online and create a positive digital footprint from a young age.

Nikki brings the rum and the laughs but is also dedicated to making a difference to the industry.  We also all know that Nikki threw a tantrum writing this and had to eat a bag of Haribo to recover ;-)

You can hit Nikki up via email here:

[email protected]

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